Pool - art fair

- run by Frere Independent



Anonymous said...

Thierry Alet and his crew are always busy doing something else than taking care of the galleries and artists in thier fairs. They are ridiculously unprofessional and a nightmare to work with.

Anonymous said...

they were kicked out of a hotel this year in Miami before the POOL fair even opened, after they took artists' money with no refunds.

Buck Naked said...

"Pool, the French-accented New Yorker Thierry Alet’s fair for unaffiliated artists, was shut down on opening night by the city when the hotel owner failed to obtain a permit -- 27 participating artists had paid $2,000-$2,500 -- and only later relocated in the 45th- and 50th-floor condos of Miami art patron Deborah Tynes."

- Walter Robinson on Artnet