The Project - R.I.P.

The Project - Christian Haye

- 2005 NY Magazine on Lehmann versus Haye
- 2005 Brian Appel on Lehmann versus Haye
- 2003 interview with Christian Haye
- 2000 Holand Cotter on Christian Haye


Anonymous said...

Very charming but shockingly irresponsible businessman. Everyone's read about the lawsuit brought on by Lehmann, but he runs a leakier boat than most people know. The assumption is that it's kept afloat by Julie Mehretu and Paul Pfeiffer, so watch out if either of them jump ship. Fun to hang out with, though.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12/31/08 turned out to be right: Mehretu left, followed by Pfeiffer, and the ship sank without a trace. The coda was Haye's empty booth at Art Basel Miami Beach in December 09. It's surprising how few people cared, though. In its heyday (no pun intended), this gallery was seen as a real contender.