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March 9, 2009:
" an era with nearly cannibal-ish death watches in some quarters (I've said all I have to say on the one you all know I'm referencing)" - Edward Winkleman March 10, 2009: Edward Winkleman discusses HMD (see comments)

Respond: Pete Surace has commented on RARE, granted bonus O and renewed benefit of the doubt. Edward Winkleman creates poll inspired by comment on Winkleman Gallery.
"The Crew @ F+V" comments on Freight and Volume. DOn CarrOll comments on Jack the Pelican. Sean Horton apparently comments on Sunday and F+V. Edward Winkleman blitzes the DeathWatch.

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Anonymous said...

please note massimo audiello seems to have closed. the phone is disconnected. Has anyone heard from his poor artists?

Anonymous said...

What does anyone know about Galleries in Amsterdam? Reflex Gallery?, Gelink Gallery?, Torch? others?

Anonymous said...

Tibor de Nagy?

Anonymous said...

Anyone have feedback about New Art Center on 8th Ave.? Serge Gregorian?

1436462767 said...

Serge Gregorian is a slime ball who charges mostly out of town artists a lot of money for a "solo show" in NYC. For his fees he guarantees a write up in one of various art publications, but I'm sure you've noticed that the New Art Center doesn't have any press.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody agree/disagree on the comment made of the new art center ??

Anonymous said...

Hello blog holder.
Is this blog still alive or am I wasting my time ??

Buck Naked said...

Yes to both.

blacklight said...

New Art Center has many artists from NYC. 3 out of 5 currently shown artists are from the city. No problems with Serge. They do get press. Here is a link No fee for space but artists pay for ads, etc. Decent shows. It is kind of a project space / promo service.

blacklight said...

Btw, New Art Center has good collectors. They have just sold a $30,000 painting to Peter Marino. So, what is wrong with artists paying for a catalog if it helps to sell?

Anonymous said...

Would be like to see more art advisors listed. Especially some of the so-called *up-and-comers.* Who do dealers respect and why? The relationship between dealers and advisors is interesting and as far as I can tell there isn't an open (or anonymous) forum for this. Just a lot of paid PR which is, well, just that, paid PR.

Anonymous said...

Adam Lindemann, collector and owner of Venus Over Manhattan gallery, is a top-notch scumball. He bought my art piece, and then refused to pay the full price because of a tiny scratch in the frame, which wasn't there when I gave it to him. When I asked for the piece back, he wouldn't give it back to me for months, nor return my calls. I got it back a year later. Gross.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the comment about Adam Lindemann. I am an artist and had a similar experience. He was so charming at first, and then totally turned on me when I asked him to pay for full shipping. The sale didn't go through, and he was shockingly nasty about the whole thing.