Blind Items

Blind Items - Frequently get e-mails complaining of censored comments. Here are some examples of comments that did not get posted.


Buck Naked said...

"no one dresses any worse than ______ with that banker's aesthetic with built in knee pads for going down or bending over"

"When God ‘found out’ that the serpent had deceived Eve, He cursed him and commanded him to crawl on his belly from now on. nobody crawls like _____."

"Awful. Rude. And very unkind. Would never work with him. Can't be trusted"

"________ is a weasel, cheated on his wife in order to climb the ladder"

"______ is an arrogant little creep"

"weirdly petty and small-minded for someone who holds himself in such high regard"

"i just threw up in my mouth...sadly indeed. You know what happened ______, and believing you would be a better person to deal with ____'s legacy is short sighted. Judging from the way you handled the work for the show you had for her would argue differently...No respect dude. Greed should not be confused with responsibility and advocacy.Shame on you!"

"Pack a lunch. And bring coke"

"I don't think someone who's asexual like ______ should be curating"

"this guy is mentally off. i agree with the majority... avoid him at all costs. he is a very sick dude. he needs a couple lifetimes of therapy. he should stick to writing. there's a chance he might be able to successfully maintain a long as it's an inanimate a laptop"

"None of you know what I and some others know about _____ _____ - he's a first rate scum-bucket who will deserve all that soon will be coming to him. The street is where he'll soon find himself."

"I've always found this guy seriously creepy. I've never worked with him, but my friend has and ______ was always getting him to pick up the tab for meals, etc. I've heard that he lives at home"

"he always likes the gays' work"

"Watch out for _____! The owner _____ is a terrible person which is why all the great people that used to work there quit. Also, he will rape you on charges- he doesn't honor is estimates."

"sloppy drunk"

"website is down. problems paying the bills?"

"Pure evil. You can see it in her eyes. Run. She is not human."

"doesn't pay artists due to bad drug problem"

"______s a drunk. He can be very nice to you face to face but put a drink or 10 in him and his true self comes out. He can be disrespectful to you, your girlfriend, your art and your parents all in one conversation. I do have to give some props for opening the gallery in the first place. He and _____ did a good job and it takes a lot of balls to open a gallery"

Buck Naked said...

"The best thing about _______ is he will try to sleep with any girl that wants to show or work at his gallery. Gross! If you are a young artist looking to show for the first time in Brooklyn dont go here"


"dont trust her"

"Unclear how he can stay afloat. Not the gallery to show at if you're seriously interested in a long-term art career. It seems he is not interested in promoting his artists to a higher level. Nice guy, but none of the artists have gone very far and the gallery has been open for a quite a while now"

" _____ is quite short, has a long fleshy nose, bad teeth is very insecure and a mean, vindictive person to boot... ..She can get what she wants out of life by spreading her legs."

"_____ always looks stoned."

"Hitler was a hard worker too"

"he's very, very smart but a bit bipolar and can be abusive to artists, especially female artists"

"Way past her prime. Not aging well."

"Schmucks in the art world are a dime a dozen but this one will make anybody's skin crawl. Do yourselves a favor young artists and pass when he asks to come to your studio."

"Is it true she was dealing coke out the back door? I've heard this from two different people. Anyone... true?"

"______ needs to wash the excessive amount of grease out of her hair. It clouds her vision. Her programming is HORRIBLE"

"this trust fund baby is shady,tacky, more than a bit unstable and abusive to her workers.not trustworthy."

"recently saw ______ literally on his knees redoing the floors of his gallery. he's so cheap he ripped himself off and won't pay the bill for his labor, no matter how many times he invoices himself!"

"heard that a handful of artists have left this year. sleeps with whoever will still cut her a check. does not pay artists. many who were once close to her have advised to never get involved, EVER"

"they are criminals"

Buck Naked said...

"_____ ______ trolls the halls at the West Side Club* very very often!

*West Side Club is a gay bath house in Chelsea"

"I love that picture of _______. In her days at the Guggenheim, before she landed her sugar daddy, she was a notorious slut. There were many ''knee -pad'' jokes made at her expense. She was aware of it, too."

"____ ____ is one of his latest ''boys'' and it's a mess. _____, formerly of Team Gallery has a bad habit and I'm not speaking of his leather addiction."

"She is grifter trash not because she had to be that way but because she enjoyed stealing from poor artists who were unable to fight back. She always looked like she slept in her clothes. Ms. _______ as she liked to be called when she was impersonating a normal person also needed to learn hygiene. She needed to clean IT up because her makeup was always caked on her face making her look cheap and low. With all the money she stole honey buy some soap! The latest Paris story was probably another hallucination of hers. As if you wouldn't notice a screaming disaster living in Paris. Too many personalities to bother to count. Cautionary tale... when a dealer looks too stupid to be a dealer she is just a stupid thief. The line is getting longer to get back money and art from her and so is everyone's memory of her. Fortunately she will wind up a fat old hag collecting a check in some broke ass town in the middle of nowhere with nothing but memories of how she ripped off kind innocent artists in big ole NYC with dresses she can't fit into!"

"One of those people who have somehow made a career of being a hanger on. Sad to see the drugs take a toll on his once handsome face. A definite star chaser. What ever credibility he once enjoyed has been long gone for sometime now. Sad is all I have to say. Why are we talking about him anyway?"

"so very sneaky so very sleazy handshake like a dank flounder"

"new museum poster boy! super digs rich people...yum as far up the ass as possible back-stabbing sycophant plagiarist back-room deal maker faker nonsense-talker snake weasel bastard cheater sleazebag nasty piece of work"

"I went to college with ______'s brother and he came across as an unhinged sociopath"

"_____ ______ is a cheat and a liar. She only cares about herself and making money for herself. She could care less about her artists. Can't believe anyone would even be with her. A real Bitch"

"On Facebook he has shown himself to be arrogant, volatile, and fragile. Apparently he's well connected, but I am not impressed. That just scares me. I would not trust him"

"hack, bad artist and poses as a curator. Without Deitch, would have never gotten anywhere...card carrying member of the flavor of the month club"

"I agree. Ice princess with no real direction. If you're a ____ ____ type of person maybe you should consider a line of work that isn't driven by smarts and personality?"

"she doesn't get off her lazy ass and chews gum like a cow"

"Dude went berzerk on facebook, calling people names, acting like a total dick, then defriended about 30 people that didn't appreciate his behavior, like a baby. Charming until you disagree with him, then he gets testy if not downright hostile and mean. If that is a sign of his mental state I wouldn't go near working with him. And if he wants to keep his advisory business private, he shouldn't broadcast his daily meetings on the internet. And the above comments are really shill-arific. Not believable"