McCaig-Wells Gallery

McCaig-Wells Gallery

re-opened! new location!


Anonymous said...

McC-W should stick to curating, and lay off the framing. The mat they cut for me was off by three inches and parallel to a wave.

Anonymous said...

They've always done a great job framing my works on paper! Never had a problem like that. The people are friendly and the exhibitions are always edgy and smart.

Anonymous said...

As a gallery I can't complain, they often have fun and interesting exhibits, the space has a lot of natural light and the people seem very nice.

However I would not recommend getting anything framed here. After three months of waiting they finally admitted that they had lost the print, at which time they tried to replace it however since it was a one of a kind they could not. Finally they found the piece and continued with the framing process. They made the wrong sized frame and instead of making a new frame they were going to cut the actual print in order for it to fit. Luckily I got there in time and simply took my art to a different framer.

Again, very nice people, nice space, but if you have something of any value I would say take it to someone else or do it yourself.

Anonymous said...

They are closing. Heard that they haven't paid one of their employees for a month. Also heard that the curator pulled the most recent show early, because she was afraid if any work sold, the artists wouldn't see any money, the gallery is so deeply in debt.

Kris Wallace said...

It's really just a sad thing to watch, honestly. The owner, who I've known very well over the years (has done amazing, quality framing work for me and I've also bought some amazing artwork from them as well)
had to move out of town. She hoped to keep the place going from afar but it turned into a downward spiral once she left. An assistant director she hired to take over, basically did an amazingly horrible job and drove the business straight into the ground. Sad, sad to watch... an awesome gallery we had in the neighborhood just collapsed after this new woman was brought in.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bush administration, you did such wonderful things for us. Let's blame it on the gallery owners, you think they are all complete assholes? Let's think more about what this person did for the artists around her and the community involved. From what I remember, they were the first gallery to open in South Williamsburg, giving free art classes to the kids in the neighborhood. So they went under, lets blame them and make them look like worhless jerks. You are all just so clueless. THE ECONOMY SUCKS, HELLO??

Anonymous said...

uhmmmm, yeah right. Full story: the curator who took the show down had also been left in control of the gallery (the curator was ALSO the manager and director at the time). She didn't do so hot.. failed..., the gallery soon after went under and so she was asked to take the show down while they closed up shop. Leave this gallery to rest, they were amazing and showcased some of the most amazing shows I've ever seen. Please, get your stories straight before you post utter nonsense like that.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous, "yeah right:" That director/curator who supposedly dragged the gallery down, had been working like a dog for this woman and was not being PAID by the last month she worked there.

She was afraid if someone bought something through the website, the artists wouldn't see any money, because the bank account the online site was connected to was tens of thousands of dollars in the negative. And THAT is the truth.

Melissa McCaig-Welles said...

Melissa here...

Some of these comments regarding the closing of the business are just unfair, it made me very sad to read them.

Our employees and managers did a fantastic job and put every ounce of energy they had into keeping the business afloat. Closing the gallery was very tough on all of us.

Considering the economic hardships we've all encountered, it's unfair and cruel to put blame on anyone. The manager at the time worked her ass off, as did I, in order to keep the place afloat. We all suffered quite a bit that last and final month. She was compensated and all is well that ends well..

Please consider the fact that we are all human here, and we all did the absolute best we could do, considering the circumstances.

if you want to talk to me about our bank account balances in those last few weeks please feel free to email me at I'd be thrilled to go over those last bank statements with you and perhaps you can figure out what we all did wrong. Those were fun times, I tell ya, woo-hoo.


Anonymous said...

Just had to post here after reading some of these comments. It amazes me how people are so inclined to make assumptions and be so cruel. McCaig-Welles was an amazing gallery, I miss them and I find it very sad we couldn't have supported them enough to stay alive. They did so much for their artists and the neighborhood and deserve credit where credit is owed.

Anonymous said...

I met Melissa not long after she moved to the Bay Area & had to leave her Brooklyn gallery in the hands of others. She'd started working for Michael Rosenthal in a co-directorial capacity -- a vague agreement that ended up being a very bad idea, as Rosenthal (and his fat inheritance/trust fund) took a hearty shit on Melissa's NY gallery.

Rosenthal himself had started a vanity gallery in Redwood City sometime in 07 or 08, selling secondary market prints and the work of a few younger artists he'd met through Djerassi or at grad school open studios. He wanted to open a gallery in the "hip", "edgy" Mission District, and Melissa's partnership seemed to bring him the "street cred" he's so transparently desperate for.

Rosenthal's a full story unto himself (why aren't there any SF gallery entries?), but to make a long story short: he poached Melissa's artists and then tried to buy her out 6-8 months after working together.

Reading that Melissa's gallery in Brooklyn has been shuttered is heartbreaking. I'm sure she can speak better than I could about the Rosenthal debacle; I just hope she finds her way in SF because she struck me as the real deal.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the above post THANK YOU.

I am also very well aware of what went down with the whole Michael Rosenthal situation and am so damn relieved someone finally brought it up.

"Disgusting" is the only word I can use to describe Michael Rosenthal's behavior and actions. .

As a good friend and patron, I can honestly say that it was a painful thing to have witnessed. This man basically pulled the rug out from under her and left her high and dry.

He now has his own gallery, because of his trust fund big pockets, which is sadly, all it takes to keep a business open. Oh and Melissa's contacts and her artists as well. That helps too.

Melissa, please make public what happened, please!
That man does not deserve what he has now, not by any means....

Anonymous said...

As an employee of Melissa's, it's all true about Michael Rosenthal...She's not one to bad mouth anyone publicly, so I don't think there will be a response to the previous post.

But if anyone were to really take a look at the "bank statements", it's pretty obvious that Michael Rosenthal brought the gallery down. We had done fine until we met him, and slowly the walls began to collapse.

He basically convinced us he was the "real deal" and we obligated ourselves to our mission with him, out of excitement and loyalty. We wound up spending an enormous sum of money in order to solidify our commitment to him.

In return, he pulled out, for no reason, other than "the economy" (like he has any reason to worry about money with his trust fund?) and then tried to take our artists with him. Thank goodness they had faith enough in us to refuse his requests, since we had been working with them for a decade.

But by then he had stole our connections(press, art fair, collectors) and completely drained us of our assets.

Not only did it require us to close the gallery, but she became *personally* financially obligated to pay her employees, advertisers, bill collectors which she did as soon as she was able. Not many people would have gone through what she did, in order to fulfill her promises.

I'll speak for Melissa on this one, Rosenthal was a complete dream killer.

Anonymous said...

Having worked with Rosenthal, it's interesting to read this. I remember when this happened. It seems like he burns a lot of bridges with business associates, artists, directors and preparators. He is always doing things that seem like they are rash, illogical decisions. Once, after an opening, he decided to put the artist who was in the main gallery in the back without asking. They had a falling out over it. He has a new 'co-director' every few months and I've heard of more than one big blow out. Strange emails sent to everyone on his mailing list about it. Then this joint partnership. I just wander how many people he has burnt. Sorry to hear all of the above but good to finally hear what happened. Best of luck!

ezgyrle said...

Pretty raw deal.

Anonymous said...

The reference to RIP should not be inclusive of the listing of McCaig-Welles.

Melissa has continued her curatorial projects, of which are quite impressive.

Rosenthal definitely contributed to the actual closing of the space in Brooklyn, but she has not, by any means, disappeared from the art scene.

She's now working on independent curatorial projects, under her name. Just do a search on Google, McCaig-Welles is alive and well.

We hope you're crying and remorseful, Mr. Michael Rosenthal. You messed up.

Michael Rosenthal Gallery said...

this is michael rosenthal. I just came across this stuff.
my phone number is 415 552 1010. I would like a chance to have a conversation about this with anyone who has a reason to believe any of this.

Michael Rosenthal Gallery said...

my name is michael rosenthal and my phone number is 415 552 1010 . It is sad to be attacked by anonymous.
What kind of self loathing individual would make such comments anomyously. Really , call me and we can talk or find something constructive to do with your life.
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Anonymous said...

To Mr. Rosenthal:

Love it: "What kind of self loathing individual would make such comments anomyously. Really , call me and we can talk or find something constructive to do with your life."

Lol. You're a charmer.

Perhaps the one that owes anyone a phone call, would be you to McCaig-Welles and all your past artists. Maybe an apology?

Speaking of which, thanks for holding onto my artwork and not returning it back for a year. Wonderful experience working with you.

Take care,
Self Loathing Individual With Nothing Constructive To Do with My Life.

michael rosenthal said...

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michael rosenthal said...

so who are you anonymous folks. if your are so certain go the circumstances and outcome and my integrity
in dealing with artist and collectors, why don't you sign your real name. I have real gallery and loved working with Millasa. We had fun and rejoiced in the collaboration. Honest miscommunication about the partership cause the demise.