Rivington Arms - R.I.P.

Rivington Arms

co-owner is the daughter of artist Brice Marden.


Anonymous said...

So fine. Want to touch the hiney.

Colin's Ghost said...

which one


Anonymous said...

What are Melissa's plans?

Anonymous said...

What is it about the anon comment May 17th that fits into your "mission statement"? How does that comment inform me or anyone else about whether a dealer or gallery pays on time or is on the up and up? I know MANY people who have tried to publish things on this site that are relevant and fit into your manifesto but you will not publish. Why this comment?

Buck Naked said...

You're right the comment was not relevant, sorry.

What gallery/person did your MANY friends comment on? I have saved most of the unpublished comments, I can go back and review. Sometimes I don't check it for a while and the comments pile up, It's entirely possible some useful comments have been overlooked.

Here are some recent comments that have not been published. I'm editing out the names.

"no one dresses any worse than ______ with that banker's aesthetic with built in knee pads for going down or bending over"

"When God ‘found out’ that the serpent had deceived Eve, He cursed him and commanded him to crawl on his belly from now on.

nobody crawls like _____ _____."

"Awful. Rude. And very unkind. Would never work with him. Can't be trusted"

"________ is a weasel, cheated on his wife in order to climb the ladder"

"______ is an arrogant little creep"

"weirdly petty and small-minded for someone who holds himself in such high regard"

"i just threw up in my mouth...sadly indeed. You know what happened ______, and believing you would be a better person to deal with ____'s legacy is short sighted. Judging from the way you handled the work for the show you had for her would argue differently...No respect dude. Greed should not be confused with responsibility and advocacy.
Shame on you!"

"Pack a lunch. And bring coke"

"None of you know what I and some others know about _____ _____ - he's a first rate scum-bucket who will deserve all that soon will be coming to him. The street is where he'll soon find himself."

"I've always found this guy seriously creepy. I've never worked with him, but my friend has and ______ was always getting him to pick up the tab for meals, etc. I've heard that he lives at home"

PS - There is no "mission statement" or "manifesto", I've only posted some requested guidelines.

Anonymous said...

mirabelle marden is working on her art career now.