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Anonymous said...

I had my second solo show at AM Richards. I found Ann Marie to be very amicable to work with. I was referred to her by a friend and she followed up with me immediately upon introduction. She spent a lot of time helping me edit down hundreds of photographs, gave me much freedom in terms of the final presentation, put a lot of effort into promoting the show, and worked hard to make every facet of the process successful. After the show she included my work in a contemporary art fair which gave me a lot of exposure to the larger nyc market. She really dedicates her time and effort (including her finances) to expanding the gallery and insuring that her artists are well represented. I would recommend approaching her because she represents a diversity of artists and is open to a dialogue.

Anonymous said...

I would totally agree, Ann Marie is one of the most honorable, hardworking members of the art gallery community. Plus, see really likes art.

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