Clarissa Dalrymple

Clarissa Dalrymple - curator


Colin's Ghost said...

The Queen of Bohemia.

"A constant monitor for the next great presence in the art world"

Oh Clarissa, when, oh when will you notice me!?

Anonymous said...

Cool-hunter extraordinaire. Biggest claim to fame is "discovering" Matthew Barney. Curator as much as casting director, picks good-looking (male) artists who are not necessarily the best artists. Contemporary Hans Namuth figure - framing what the image of the "artist" means to the mainstream (as opposed to art). Does not have a record of "discovering" women (shock!!!). Curates shows and acts as matchmaker, introduces artists to dealers.

Buck Naked said...

I deleted a comment that received a lot of criticism.

I can absolutely see how the information may be germane, but more elucidation from the commenter is necessary.

Thanks Dude.

Anonymous said...

A "downtown" version of Christoph de Menil. Stubborn, uncompromising, cunty. Depending on which side of the fence you are on, it could work for/against you.