Fredericks and Freiser

Fredericks and Freiser


Anonymous said...

what is with the nasty attitude when visiting the gallery? I was once contemplating buying something and when I asked about the piece I was treated with such contempt I just left and won't go back.

Colin's Ghost said...

Oh grow up.

Andy is a very nice guy!

Anonymous said...

Pretty rude when I tried to do an artist's submission (or ask about it) a few years ago. Apparently I have not walked in since despite being a huge fan of Zak Smith.

Can't say about the inside operation but I'm hoping that they treat their artists and clients with a lot more respect.

Anonymous said...

Most galleries are sick of artist's submissions if they even allow them. Dealing with endless random people and art students off the street who think they can just apply to a gallery isn't part of the job a gallery staff is hired to do. Of course they treat their artists and clients with more respect. They have a relationship with them.
You get in to a gallery because a gallery artist respects your work and suggests you or because a collector they work with is buying your work and suggests you. If you know other artists and they have any respect for your work chances are one of them has a gallery and will suggest you. It's not just something you are entitled to.

Anonymous said...

I used to work at a gallery and was bombarded with artist submissions constantly, by email, mail and in person. Let's be clear:




Galleries are really just relationships between people based on art. Those relationships are business relationships that develop like romantic relationships. Don't show up and asking to be treated like a lover, when you are a stranger.

I'm also an artist and am now represented by a NY gallery. I developed my relationship with my gallerist FIRST, as a friend, and introduced by mutual friends. Showing at the gallery came 2 years later.

What Anonymous from Feb.14, 2009 (Valentine's Day? for real?) did is like sticking your tongue in a stranger's ear. Be prepared for a rejection.