Thelma Golden

Thelma Golden - curator


Anonymous said...

I fell asleep during one of her lectures.

Anonymous said...

She's not that knowledgeable about art but she is very fashionable. Her understanding of art is limiting BUT she is a great business person and has marketed herself really well. She keeps her ear to the ground so basically she has good people around her helping her navigate. Please don't bring up the black male show at the whitney; that was 1995 and an extremely problematic exhibition. Yet it became her mantra -- nothing like controversy to get the ball rolling. I have a love / hate for this women, because she really isn't about art but what's going to make her look good and she has succeeded. She is an excellent PR person, especially when it comes to herself. So kudos on being so business savvy, but have your endeavors offered me an understanding of art.... naaaaaa