Alanna Heiss

Alanna Heiss - curator

- New York Magazine profile on Alanna Heiss


Colin's Ghost said...

this is a woman that can hold her liquor.

kalm james said...

Alanna Heiss was very responsive and generous when I spoke with her regarding an article I was working on about Lee Lozano. Returned my call and stayed on the line. She seems so bright, talking with her is like driving a souped up car that burns rubber at the slightest touch of the gas pedal. Stone cold passion for art and artists.

Anonymous said...

Mean old lady.

Anonymous said...

She once championed the painter
Kitt Barnes work at PS1,that still
is so cool and the Barnes how at PS1
still lingers in memory.
We are talking 1979 1980 version
of Alana's work directing PS1 then.