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Brenda Taylor Gallery



Andrew MacDonald said...

I'm curious about the Brenda Taylor Gallery. Anyone have any experiences with her or the gallery that they can speak of?

Anonymous said...

Brenda Taylor advertises as an "art consultant" on the NYFA site. She's not very good about following up on inquiries.

Anonymous said...

Beware of these art consultants, such as Brenda Taylor Gallery, that promise gallery placement - they play on your dream and take you for a ride i.e. they take your money and do very little. I speak from experience.

Anonymous said...

Agree. I gave Brenda Taylor over $1000 for "consulting". She did nothing but host a "show" for me in a back room with no advertising, no promotion. Not even an email announcement.

On the strength of my work, I sold some pieces. Great! However. It was very hard to collect on these. I had to have her reissue checks for my payment because she bounced.

She is not connected and does not have a good rep. Avoid.

Lori said...

I am the above anonymous poster.

BT Gallery contacted me regarding my post and to be fair, I did eventually collect on my sales.

I know the biz is a tough one all around, but I felt the road to collecting took particularly long for me, especially after paying the 1000+ consult fee and bringing the clients. The gallery reports that this was a one-off experience.

For me, Ms. Taylor's service was not a good fit. No valuable contacts or introductions were made.

Probably the most useful outcome from the experience was the reaffirmation of something we all probably already know: there aren't very often shortcuts in the art world. You gotta get your work out there again and again and again on your own. And it doesn't hurt to be lucky once in a while.

I invite the gallery to respond and would sincerely like to hear from artists who payed Brenda Taylor Gallery (or any other) for consultation and found their careers much changed.

Good luck to us all.

Bill Karam said...

First of all,anyone who posts an "Anonymous" negative post should not be deemed credible of questionable character and integrity. I have had similar experiences as the "anonymous bitter individual who obviously as a vendetta to "get even" because things are not going as planned or the way they expected.
Secondly, the forum to help one better solve problems for everyone in mind, would best be served by sticking to the facts, and to NOT under any circumstances to fish for more negative vibes and energy just to try to injure someone business or reputation.

Believe me, karma will be with you everywhere.
Whatever negative energy one puts forth will comeback to you in ways never imaginable.



Anonymous said...

The comment was meant to be read and intended for everyone, including gallery owners. It was not intended to single anyone out.
I certainly could level the playing field, if i felt that I needed to just to vent. That was not my purpose.

Karma is the best expose and leveler of all. It comes to you, from you, within you, and exhudes from you. And anyone who thinks that they are exempt will have a rude awakening one day.

Unknown said...

I have been working with Brenda Taylor for years. She struggles but hangs in there for her artists. She can't please everyone and sometimes its just not a good fit. She has always paid me and has been very supportive with my work. She is passionate about art even when it is a difficult sell. Maybe art consulting is not her passion. But she has been very supportive with my work as I have mentioned and I can only say that I appreciate that in a dealer. Heather Wilcoxon

Anonymous said...

Brenda Taylor Gallery has an open call this month, thoughts?

Anonymous said...

what an $25 to submit your work to a juried show in a "commercial" gallery. if you are not accepted you get a 1 page document revealing the secrets of the Art World.

Anonymous said...

At least Brenda is offering some help. Most galleries leave you with no contact at all. It seems like Brenda is trying to be helpful, and many people on this site are just acting like bullies who are unhappy about the politics of the art world. If you don't like it, be proactive and change it. Don't just hate on various galleries because it makes you feel better.

Anonymous said...

ALSO. This site a sham for moderating comments. The owner is clearly only interested in breeding negativity. AWESOME PERSON.

Buck Naked said...

hey dummy -

1. this site IS proactive

2. there are more positive comments than negative comments. more galleries have green circles than red x's.

3. it isn't actually '24 Hour Live Service'... sorry i did not moderate your comment within the seven minutes expected.

Brenda Taylor said...

I've been told to respond, told not to respond. First, these posts hurt personally and professionally.

We contacted buck naked, owner of the blog demonstrating and refuting with saved emails from 2008, when working with Lori N. that much of her of her post was not well founded.

Not until I hired an attorney, did he respond to our numerous emails sent with proof to refute the claims made. He responded to my attorney, with a wise guy response. I will disclose to anyone whom asks to see the exchanges made to Lori, and we will post shortly on our website, how we ever began working with artists several years ago in conjunction with selling art. Not a practice I have continued with on a regular basis.

to be continued, unfortunately. As for the other posts, I wouldn't know how to respond to a post without a name or such sad phrases. Lori divulged so much information I figured it out who made the post and responded to her immediately. My last email to her prior to that was in 2010 where she made no reference of being unhappy. On the contrary, was happy I contacted her.

In any event, do what you have to do, post, keep posting or not. I will see how to post my own button on my website with what is legal and what is not legal in terms of second hand information, or cut and pasting from emails. The response from buck naked to my attorney might just be all I need to have you read. Very sad in deed. Brenda Taylor

Anonymous said...

Public forums are not legally responsible for comments left by the public. There was a famous lawsuit against and other case law as well. Public websites can be required to turn over ISP addresses by a third party wishing to sue a commenter directly for defamation but they are not required to maintain these records. They can delete ISP records immediately if they like and they have no obligation to preserve these records for possible future lawsuits. Gallerists intending to intimidate artists and other commenters or public websites through litigation are on shaky ground.Honestly, sometimes I think the people in the art world ( gallerists, critics) who don't actually make anything think the people who do are too stupid to know their legal rights.