Christian Rattemeyer

Christian Rattemeyer - curator


- son of Volker Rattemeyer, Director of Wiesbaden Museum, Germany
- husband of Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, Artistic Director for Art Basel

5/2008 - Cay Sophie Rabinowitz has abruptly resigned from the Art Basel job


Anonymous said...

Was asked not to return to Bard College MFA teaching post after public indiscretion/affair with student. And when I say 'public,' I MEAN public.

Anonymous said...

So what? Is the art world so prudish that this gives him a negative mark, if true? He's a great guy, down to earth, and friendly to people who are not necessarily in the "in crowd" of the moment. Rare for someone in his position. His wife is absolutely delightful as well.

Wilson McCord said...

It was not the artworld that was prudish. It is academia in general that is still so provincial and bound by tradition that it drowns those who think or behave freely or outside of the conservative normal behaviour.