Linda Norden

Linda Norden - curator, Director of James Gallery at CUNY.


Anonymous said...

ex-girlfriend/partner of ken johnson of nytimes. she became annoyed with what she perceived as his idiotic and reactionary reviews of artists she knows and likes.

Anonymous said...

Down to earth, brutally honest, responsive, with a genuine interest in art over egos. Great curator and writer, glad to have met her in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Met her also...very smart but old-school sort of curator. Strangely bad-mouths a lot of people she's worked with to strangers (a mutual friend), people she's just met, (myself in that case) , seemingly not caring whether or not that could be a friend.

Very sharp but cares a bit much about what's "important" art (i.e. blue-chip correct artists), in that sense not really open-minded. Enacts visionary, acts herd-like.

Very sweet and nice, but said such bad things about people not present while politely smiling, as if pointing out an over-growth of lint on one's shirt.

Anonymous said...

While it is counterproductive to bad mouth anybody when you are looking for a job, it is absurd that the issue of importance still terrifies people.

There are important artists and then there is everybody else.

Having known and worked with Linda since 1993, I can say that she is able to discern importance.

There is only example in her CV of her choosing to write about an artist who is not important.

The prize goes to the commentator who can name this artist.

The answer is not subject to debate.

Anonymous said...

"There are important artists and then there is everybody else."

Sort of says it all.

No I don't think people would be able to point out the "artist who is not important" because that isn't "important" enough for a conversation. Ha. Maybe the commenter above is qualified enough to lead us along with JESUS onto the path of righteous beauty. Illuminate, dear one!

Is that relevant - NOW?

That is exactly what breeds sameness, herd-like behaviour Roberta Smith alluded to in that piece she wrote a few months back.

Unfortunately the (contemporary) theory necessary to back up the exhibitions tends to call for a, eeerrr, diversified point of view so it becomes difficult to sustain the position of "center" of importance.

It is an inherently conservative path to take for the serious visionary-T-shirt bearer
in the unfortunate Wöfflinian sense the discussion of importance sadly would lead to.