Schroeder Romero & Shredder

Schroeder Romero & Shredder

- Schroeder Romero with Brice Brown and Don Joint.

MY BAD: HMD mistakenly linked Brice to the wrong KY billionaire family, sorry for the misinformation.


Brice Brown said...

Wow, how I wish I was from THAT Brown family. Unfortunately, I was not born that lucky. You know there are, like, thousands of Browns in KY, right? Thanks for publishing misinformation about me.

Ka-fuck you!

-Brice Brown (not THAT Brown, but one can dream I guess).

Buck Naked said...

Whoops sorry Brice I had heard you were super loaded.

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Sara Jo are always sweet and friendly, but they can't sell anything unless it sells itself and they don't know how to promote their artists. Many of them are mouldering there. Is it any wonder Powhida left?

Anonymous said...

He is lying. He is majorly rich. His evil, older boyfriend however is blowing through his money.