Anonymous said...

The gallery is closing after 3 failed years. Nice women but you get the feeling this is more about bored-housewives than a serous endeavor. None of the three are serious collectors, students of art history, or know anything about contemporary art. I showed with the gallery and was shocked by the breathtaking lack of knowledge they possess. They don't even know how to write press release, without trying to be cute. I think I will have to take the show off my resume to be taken seriously. I think they thought life would be like a Sex in the City Episode

Trira Gallery said...

Please be advised that Tria is not closing. After three successful years and two wonderful reviews in Art In America just this year, we are delighted to be moving forward. We are sorry that one disgruntled artist, whose work apparently didn't sell, felt the need to vent in this untruthful manner. We pride ourselves on our wonderful relationship with our artists. Please check our website for upcoming exhibitions.