Linda Yablonsky

Linda Yablonsky - art critic and writer


Anonymous said...

only will talk to you if you are famous or connected. shallow to a fault. job is basically getting invited to after parties and fancy dinners and writing about them.

Colin's Ghost said...

yeah and that's what writer's do in this world, god bless them they have so little power.

Linda is a true blue hard core bohemian that knows how to get paid for attending parties. What's wrong with that. If you knew how to get paid for commenting on blogs you would.

But I bet you don't, and you never will.

Anonymous said...

Colin is certainly a ghost- what an utterly moronic defense of a parasitic existence. Guess that places Colin even lower on the food chain.


Anonymous said...

"Colin's Ghost" is also a clueless ass-kisser.
check out his comment about the james cohan duo. if he knew what i know, he'd be ashamed to call then "classy", if they are anything,they are class-conscious exploiters of their workers and snobby phonies.