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Colin's Ghost said...

Ask Rona Pondick.

She probably remembers.

Anonymous said...

got screwed over the Parrino estate when estate went to gagosian after he showed parrino his whole career. also issues in the past about non payment of artists.

Anonymous said...

has grown up, happy artists, all paid, happy staff lasts for years

Anonymous said...

get your money up front or you will never get it.they have owed my company for open invoices for over two years. i don't know who the happy staff that lasts for years is because we speak to someone new every few months when attempting to collect.

Colin's Ghost said...

I don't think Jose really deserves a red x, or at least a green o to go with it.

His personality is widely known. This business is built on touchy people.

And while it is true some artists got screwed over by him. None of us here, were those artists (probably).

He has some education in Film Stuides. As such his gallery is a kind of interesting project in media. Jose is the director and his artists the actors. This is Jose's show and story.

He also understands "this" medium. And as evidenced by his long support of Cory A., one of the web's finest artisans. Additionally his gallery website is impeccable. That ability to stay current is very important in a dealer.

It's one of the key characteristics of people in the artworld, the willingness to KEEP UP! It keeps you young.

He space is excellent. Having been designed by an architect that has done some other really fine exhibition spaces.

He has certainly made money in this last ground swell. And he's probably not going under again.

I think his artists, if you are a match, are very loyal to him. And he has a track record of being able to do some fine things for them.

In the end I don't think years old mistakes need to be held against people. It serves no one.

All artists flake, all dealers lie, all writers suck-up, all collectors are dumb and all curators are boring. So what?

Jose is a tough cookie, who's out to win.

Anonymous said...

Gave them slides, checked back, slides are gone. Won't return phone calls or emails. Never available in person. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Steven Parrino did NOT spend his entire career at Team. check your facts. oh yes, this is the art world, where precision and accuracy are unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

This has to be one of the most pretentious piles of shits in the art world. I work for a magazine and asked this Jose clown what the title of a piece was for a review at an art fair and he refused to tell me because "it isn't inherent to the meaning of the work."

What kind of shit is that... I mean really.

What a dick. He's like a walking art cliche.

Anonymous said...

His director should start her own gallery. She's Team's secret to success.

Anonymous said...

Slater Bradley has left Team after almost a decade and seven shows.