Charles Cowles Gallery - R.I.P.

Charles Cowles Gallery


Colin's Ghost said...

Poor Charlie,

He had it all, the first editor of Artforum for god sake!

But as a rich boy, he pissed it all away.

He barely has any taste left, even on his tongue!

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, Charles Cowles was never the editor, rather the publisher of Artforum. That is to say that he had less to do with content than the poster above would like to infer by his usual mega-insider tips.

He was involved in using his family money to bankroll the magazine in the early years and also "sold" ads to the galleries. All of this information is widely available and discussed in the history of Artforum book, by Amy Newman.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I would like some credit for predicting his 'retirement' back in December on deathwatch. I need a green circle for that.